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“A beautiful memoir of a life-long obsession, a peek behind the curtains at the biographer’s art, and, not least, a rich and vivid portrait of Camus himself.”
—Benjamin Moser, Harper’s Magazine

In this witty and informative biography Hawes explores how we often find our own identities in the biographies of people who are significant to us. She reveals how, in writing the life story of Camus, she came to find her own identity. She also peels away the layers of meaning in the characters in Camus' novels and looks at their significance to the author and their roots in his life.

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It is the time to reread "The Plague"

I read Camus's La Peste as a young student and then later as  a biographer, (noting all the details that showed up from his life in the book), but now is the time to read it again for the light and perspective it sheds on the sudden possibility of a plague in our midst.  Back in the 1940's, Camus was addressing the Nazi occupation in France and the presence of evil in the world as well as the outbreak of a typhus epidemic in North Africa, and his book was a great success in America as well as France.   It remains eloquent and dark and probing -- full of compassion for the human condition and questions of morality. which is one of the reasons it is still read by medical students.

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Recent Reviews of Camus, a Romance

Recent Reviews on Amazon- 5 stars!

5 star reviews from  Jon Maksik and Ethan Cooper.

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Elizabeth Hawes on The Diane Rehm Show

Elizabeth Hawes describes her forty-year affair of the heart and mind with the Nobel Prize-winning author Albert Camus.

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